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Information Network Support

INS is a company providing computer equipment and services to customers all over Poland.

We offer our customers using advanced computer and communication systems a wide variety of services ranging from consulting, to planning and implementation to maintenance and technical support.

We always do our best to provide full and comprehensive care of the customers' systems, which would not be possible without the best professionals working for our fast-developing service network.

Many demanding customers find us the best in catering for their highly specialised needs.

We have been in business under the name of INS since 1998, but our history is much longer, reaching back to 1987.

Aware of the dynamic development of computer and communication systems, we focused on communication systems and maintenance and technical support as early as in 1990.

At present INS employs 35 highly qualified personnel all over Poland.

Owing to their knowledge and experience, team work skills, efficiency and the extensive system of internal communication, our maintenance network provides fast and efficient implementation of complex projects and provides maintenance and technical support for the customers' systems all over Poland.

We believe that people are crucial for the quality of company's services. That's why, we have always selected the best and asked the best from them. It works - now we are an efficient team of young, motivated and highly experienced professionals.

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